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Quality over Cost

My husband and I needed work done at our home, so we did what most folks do today and took it to social media. Lots of people made suggestions and recommendations. I reached out to them all. This is what happened with those who responded.

Navigating the minefield

The first responder gave us a quote without seeing the job. When asked to come and look at it, they said they didn’t have to because they had done it a hundred times before. They had the cheapest quote.

Number two never showed up despite having committed twice to a date and time.

Number three wanted to charge between £100 and £150 just to come and look at the job.

Number four and five both showed up and quoted us for the job. They each had a different approach to what they would do and what they needed to complete the job.

Number six kept rescheduling when they would come and quote. When I questioned this, they admitted that this wasn’t their primary job and we were being fitted in.

Number seven asked for photographs of the work needed and quoted based on them. They were the second cheapest.

Number eight declined the job because it would be several weeks before they could start but recommended another contractor, who happened to be number five!

Who got the job?

It was number five because:
a. They were searchable, and they had consistently good reviews, all five stars.
b. We liked their work ethic. They noticed a problem that problem number four hadn’t spotted and knew how to solve it. They also explained everything thoroughly.
c. They were transparent about their pricing. Number four was a bit vague, giving their hourly rate but couldn’t say how long they expected the job to take.
d. They came recommended by another contractor.

Were they the least expensive? No. Did they go above and beyond? Yes. There was a slight hiccup when the supplier had sent the wrong part. The engineer sorted this out quickly and efficiently.

Why am I telling you this?

Often, the first question asked when looking for a celebrant is, “What is your fee?” I try to encourage having a conversation first so that they can get to know me and my process and so that I can hear what their vision is, what their values are and personal preferences. Every ceremony is different.

When you are looking for a celebrant, do your due diligence. Find them on the internet and read their reviews. Take the time to meet with them and get to know them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you need more than one consult, then ask for it.

Base your choice on the feelings you have about them, not the cost. Otherwise, you might end up with a celebrant who isn’t 100% invested in what they do, regurgitates a ceremony that they have delivered 100 times before, or doesn’t take the time to immerse themselves in your ceremony.

It took us speaking with eight different contractors to find one who fitted with our values and had integrity. It may take more to find the celebrant who is right for you.