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Legacy Celebrant

Your ceremony is in safe hands with me!

As an Independent Celebrant, I create meaningful and memorable ceremonies for all of life’s hatches, matches and despatches!

HI, I’M ISABEL LOCKHART, the mastermind behind Legacy!  I’m a passionate, independent celebrant who crafts bespoke, one-of-a-kind ceremonies!

Let me share a bit about myself.

I’ve always been fascinated by people’s journeys through life—the paths they choose, the U-turns they make, and the decisions that shape who they become. These events ultimately lead to the point where our paths cross.

Whether a love story, a life story, or dreams and aspirations, they all weave a rich tapestry of moments, hopes, and connections. Each thread contributes to our journey through time.

My Journey as a Celebrant

In 2019, after the death of my son, Ben, I became a Celebrant as a result of the awful experience I had with the Celebrant who was allocated to me.

Despite having written his eulogy, leaving the official celebrant with “nothing much to do,” he made several careless mistakes that caused me great distress. Many of these resulted from copying, pasting, and using an old ceremony script.

So, I decided to plunge head-first into Celebrant training, and Legacy was born with the aim of ensuring that you feel valued, safe, and supported. I made a promise that I would never copy and paste. Everything is created from scratch.

Every ceremony is tailored to your personal needs. My goal is always to create a meaningful and memorable day.  The magic happens when I work closely with you to bring your stories to life.  You may never remember the words spoken, but you will remember how they made you feel.

I love working with people who want to remove themselves from the shackles of convention.

Where I Roam

As a celebrant, I travel all over the North East of Scotland and beyond. I live in the beautiful surroundings of Royal Deeside, surrounded by nature’s beauty, castles, and stone circles. There are more castles in Aberdeenshire than anywhere else in the UK!

Authentic Rituals and Freedom of Choice

I love working with people who want to break free from convention. With a certificate in Advanced Celebrancy and Rituals, we can incorporate rituals in your ceremony, such as a handfasting or something unique to you.


My husband and I got married in 2021. It was a festival and outdoors in our garden.  We planned everything ourselves.  Sustainability is important to us, and we managed to source almost all of our vendors within an 18-mile radius.  This was more of an education than any celebrant training could provide!

This led to an amazing day and night with comments like;

“the best wedding of the century – including mine” and “Can we do it again?”

Embrace the Magic of a Celebrant-Led Wedding in Scotland

Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for your special day, and a Celebrant-led wedding adds an extra touch of personal magic.  Independent Celebrants take the time to understand your unique story, cultural background, and personal beliefs. This allows them to craft a ceremony that is not just a generic event but a reflection of your identity and journey together.

Will your marriage be legal?

While not every Celebrant in Scotland has the authority to solemnise marriages, I am proud to say that I can. This means that when you choose me as your celebrant, the law will recognise your marriage.

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for the moments that matter you can rely on me, Isabel Lockhart, creator of magic!