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Vow Renewals

Fall in Love All Over Again with Vow Renewal in Scotland

Reignite the magic and re-affirm your commitment to one another!

Isabel can re-affirm your commitment to one another with a Vow Renewal in Scotland, set amongst the beautiful landscapes and sights of Scotland. Of course, I am happy to travel anywhere you need me!

Life is full of milestones, and anniversaries bring a time of reflection.

You may look back on the evolution of your family – the happy times you’ve experienced, and the obstacles you’ve overcome.

Now might be the perfect time to celebrate your love once more. A vow renewal ceremony is a perfect way to re-commit to your marriage!

You might be wondering:

  • “How do I renew my vows?
  • “Where can I have a vow renewal ceremony?”
  • “Who performs a vow renewal ceremony?”

The beauty of a vow renewal ceremony is that the answer to each of these questions is: It’s up to you!

If you work with Legacy for your vow renewal, we will work together to choose a meaningful time and place to host your heartfelt celebration.

You can use your original vows, update them, or we can even create brand-new ones. As with a wedding ceremony, a renewal of vows is bespoke and tailor-made to you.

Legacy Celebrant

Reflect on the past…

Tell me the stories of your life and I will create a script that reflects your love story through the years.

This is particularly meaningful if your wedding wasn’t exactly what you wanted the first time around. I know mine wasn’t.

…And Give Thanks for the Present

Your vow renewal ceremony should also reflect the love that surrounds you in your life now. So any children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren can be involved and celebrated too!

As with a wedding ceremony, you can incorporate any meaningful rituals into your vow renewal you wish. These could be the same as the ones included in your original wedding, or we can create new ones to honour the years that have passed since.

Legacy Celebrant

Isabel Addison – Celebrant Aberdeenshire

Why Choose Legacy for your Vow Renewal Ceremony?

As a mature lady, I understand the challenges that marriage can bring, from the early days to where you are now. What’s most important is honouring each other, the love you share, and your shared experiences.

The most important thing is creating a ceremony that celebrates your union authentically and beautifully.

For the moments that matter, you can count on me.

Please get in touch with me Isabel Addison