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Funeral Ceremony

Funeral Services in Aberdeenshire and Beyond

bespoke funeral services to celebrate your loved ones

As a funeral Celebrant based in Aberdeenshire, I believe that a funeral ceremony should provide a good ending – not only for the deceased but for those left behind. But often, you can struggle to think in moments of grief.

I will support you every step of the way. I have completed training to provide after-life care for the deceased. From when the last breath is taken, to caring for the body at home and the final resting place, I’ll be as involved as you want or need me to be.

Legacy Celebrant - in memory of Ben Gray
“Too many people get home after a funeral feeling empty and lonely. It doesn’t have to be like this. A good funeral will do you a lot of good. But only if you do your bit and work hard at it. So don’t let others do for you what you can do for yourself. When you get home afterwards you need to feel incredibly proud of what you have achieved.” – the Good Funeral Guide.
Legacy Celebrant

As Much or As Little Support As You Need

If you need support beyond the funeral service, then you are in the right place.

I have completed training with Pushing Up the Daisies, which provides advice and support about caring for the deceased. This means I can support you from the second the last breath is taken, allowing you to care for the body at home before your loved one goes to their final resting place, it that is your choice.

The services I can provide are:

  • Care of the body at home
  • Signposting you to the right funeral director
  • Writing the ceremony and eulogy and presenting these on the day of the funeral
  • Advice on music and picture tributes
  • Exploring alternate venues for the service
Legacy Celebrant

You don’t need to follow convention

Did you know that there are alternatives to a religious funeral service?

There are many aspects of traditional funerals that you do not need to include. You don’t have to have music, poetry, or even a coffin if you don’t want one.

There are also options for who can conduct a funeral. You don’t have to choose the first Funeral Director you meet. We can work together to find one that speaks to you.

A funeral should capture the essence of the deceased – their beliefs, values, personality, and idiosyncrasies. So don’t be afraid to rip up the rule book. The last thing you want is to feel you haven’t done justice to the person you love.

As a Funeral Celebrant based in Aberdeenshire, I can travel to where you need me to be, so let’s work together – and tell their story, their way.

Legacy Celebrant

Accessible Funeral Services

Everyone deserves the chance to say goodbye.

I have done specific training to provide inclusive ceremony options for everyone, including those with:

Dementia – If an external venue would add confusion and upset to an already difficult time, we can arrange a family gathering in the home.

Autism – If big crowds are a challenge, we can organise a smaller aspect to the ceremony that everyone can be involved with.

Sensory Issues – Services can be planned to include ear coverings or the opportunity to listen to music if needed.

Legacy Celebrant


A funeral celebrant based in Aberdeenshire…why choose me

My son died suddenly in 2019, and I wanted to give him the best send-off possible.

It was Ben’s death that made me decide to finally follow my passion in life and train to be a funeral celebrant. Ever since, I have been on a mission to bring death, dying, and the celebration of life home – rather than giving all the power to a Funeral Director.

Having been to one too many funerals where I’ve seen the impact mistakes and misinformation make on the attendees, I work closely with you to ensure the service is a true reflection of the deceased.

Being in service to the deceased and their family is something I do not take lightly – it is the great privilege of my life. I will put myself in your shoes to deliver the funeral service you need – with the care your loved one deserves.

You will always hear the eulogy in advance. I will speak to not just the family, but friends, neighbours, and anyone else you can think of so we can learn as much as possible about the person you’ve lost.

Every detail adds up to create a beautiful picture.

Please get in touch with me Isabel Addison