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Naming ceremony

BESPOKE naming ceremonies to celebrate life

Unique Naming and Renaming Ceremonies in Aberdeenshire

Looking for an alternative to a baptism or christening or a non-religious naming ceremony?

The birth of a baby is always a reason to celebrate. If you don’t want a traditional baptism, a baby-naming service could be your perfect fit.

Toast to New Life

The birth of a baby is always a reason to celebrate. If an alternative to a baptism or christening is what you need, a baby-naming service could be perfect. The beauty of a naming ceremony is that it can be held in any venue – indoors or outdoors – at any time of day or night.

My naming ceremonies are always tailor-made with the input of you, the family. I can suggest and give examples of rituals that may resonate with your values, such as an anointing ritual.

Celebrate Your Growing Family

Welcoming a child or teenager into your life is a profound moment for everyone.

What better way is there to celebrate your new blended family than with a name-changing party?!

An adoption party gives you the perfect opportunity to create new memories together, acknowledge and let go of past challenges, and walk into the future.

Often the adoptee will change their name to that of their new family. Such an emotional moment is best celebrated with a personal family ritual!

You could light candles, plant a tree or perform a sand ritual. A sand ritual involves adding and mixing different colours of sand to a glass container to symbolise the blending of your family. This will be one of the most joyous moments of your adoption ceremony.

Give Thanks For Your Journey So Far

A naming ceremony isn’t just for babies. There are so many ways to celebrate a change in name!

I can provide a non-religious naming ceremony for all ages and genders. Any religious beliefs are respected and will be included in your ceremony.

Perhaps you do not connect with the name you were given at birth, or you have undergone gender reassignment surgery and are ready to “officially” change your name, to honour your new name.

A renaming ceremony is an ideal way to honour your transition. We will create a loving space for you to say goodbye to your old name, give thanks for the life you had before, and step through the threshold of your new identity.

Legacy Celebrant


Why choose for your naming ceremony

A lot of time, effort, and love go into choosing a name, and this will be reflected in your ceremony. I place a lot of value on a name and will research its origins to include in the service, if appropriate.

As an Independent Celebrant, I can incorporate religious elements into your day or host a non-religious naming ceremony. I can include some alternative rituals that are personal to you.

I can even come up with some new, personal rituals to make your day the celebration it deserves to be.

Your naming ceremony takes place at any time, in a location of your choice. I will be delighted to help you explore alternative venues for your naming ceremony.

The most important thing is that the day reflects your wishes.

When you work with me (Isabel Addison), your non-religious naming ceremony will reflect the joy of the occasion – and be remembered fondly by all in attendance.