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‘Most Dedicated Wedding Celebrant (Eastern Scotland)’ – Client Services Excellence Award 2022

Hi, I’m Isabel Addison – A Celebrant based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

From weddings to celebrations of life, Legacy provides an exceptional, personal, and award-winning ceremony for your family If you’re looking for a creator of ceremonies for all life’s most treasured events – you’ve come to the right place.

My life as a Celebrant takes me all over the North East of Scotland and beyond. Being a Celebrant is more than a job for me. It is a passion and it feeds my soul. I take my job very seriously, but don’t worry – I am not stoic. In fact, the more out there the better! Learn more about my story here…

Legacy Celebrant



As your celebrant, every word I choose will be from the heart. Let’s tell your love story in the way it deserves to be and create a magical day of memories to last a lifetime. I am a Wedding Celebrant based in Aberdeenshire but can travel if need be. Free yourself from convention and kick off your marriage in style. Your day, your way!

A funeral ceremony should provide a good ending for the deceased and those left behind. No more generic scripts or misinformation. We will create a personal send-off that provides a fitting tribute to the ones you love most. Again, although I am a funeral celebrant based in Aberdeenshire, I can travel if need be.

For the birth of a baby, a change in name, or the welcoming of your true self after gender-reassignment surgery. All forms of new life are worth celebrating.

The birth of a baby is always a reason to celebrate. If you don’t want a traditional baptism but are looking for an alternative to a baptism or christening a baby naming service could be your perfect fit.

What is a living funeral?… Like a traditional funeral – except you get to be there too! A living funeral allows you to give thanks for your life and create cherished memories with those closest to you. If you wish to have a living funeral, we will work together to create a day that reflects your wishes – at any time or place you like.

Press pause and pay tribute to the life of someone special – with no time or location restraints. Memorial services are becoming a more popular way to celebrate the deceased. Sitting alongside Direct Cremation, memorial services aren’t restricted by these same time constraints.

Religious or not, incorporating rituals into your ceremony is sure to make it one you never forget. Dare to be different – let’s create something completely personal to you!   They can be included in many ceremonies – weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies being the most common.

For too long, we’ve been afraid to talk about death. Coffin Club Aberdeenshire helps empower you to make informed choices about your funeral and create the ending you want. I have founded the first Coffin Club in Aberdeenshire to provide you with the education you need to plan your own funeral, and to help you become more comfortable with death.

Commitment Ceremonies, Vow Renewals, Rites of Passage, Early Pregnancy Loss, Interment or Scattering of Askes, Company Naming, Achievement Ceremonies, New Home Ceremonies, or Dog Naming Ceremonies.  Tell me what you want to celebrate, and we can make it happen!

Why Work With a Celebrant?

Choose a celebrant for your ceremony, and you have the freedom to select a time and place that is significant to you – without the constriction of “house rules”.

As a Celebrant based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, every ceremony I write and officiate is tailored to your personal needs. My goal is always to create a meaningful and memorable celebration. The magic happens from working closely with you to bring your stories to life.

Working with me as your Celebrant gives you the freedom to choose a time and place that is meaningful to you, without being constricted by “house rules”.

Being your celebrant is much more than a job for me. It’s a passion that feeds my soul. For this reason, I was honoured to be awarded the ‘Most Dedicated Wedding Celebrant (Eastern Scotland)’ Client Services Excellence Award in 2022.

Whether you need a wedding celebrant, renewal of vows ceremony, naming ceremony or funeral service, we can work together to create the perfect bespoke celebration for you.

As a dedicated Celebrant based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, I can work all over the northeast of Scotland and beyond and can travel to wherever you need me to be.

This applies to all bespoke ceremonies for special life events, from baby-namings to memorials and live funerals to rituals or end of life planning.

I lost my son suddenly in 2019, and this lived experienced fuels my approach to all ceremonies and that is getting it right for you!

Isabel Addison –  dedicated Celebrant based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Legacy Celebrant



Funeral Celebrant testimonial
Steven Smith

Having recently had the need to use Isabel’s services, I cannot begin to express the sincerity, empathy, compassion & warmth that she demonstrated at every stage in what is a difficult and emotional journey. Her personality and professionalism not only made this process as painless as possible but also helped with the grieving process. The service that was delivered was a warm and fitting tribute! I would highly recommend Isabel to anybody in need of her services!

Funeral Celebrant testimonial
Jessie Hare

Isabel took care of the eulogy and moderation for my father’s cremation service. Not only did the eulogy highlight my dads special moments and characteristics with all family members and friends, but Isabel speaks and writes with passion and care, which helped make the setting less painful. She managed to make us smile, when we thought we might never smile again. I really recommend Isabels services because of her passionate and caring, but still very professional work. Thank you again Isabel, I will cherish your words forever.

Funeral Celebrant testimonial
Shone Pearson

Isabel came to our house to do our funeral wishes. Straight away she assured and reassured us she was independent, so it was totally up to us if it was religious, or followed any beliefs. Isabel gave us plenty of time as although we were prepared in part it was still emotional. Isabel gave us guidance, hints, and suggestions when we asked but never put her views/beliefs across to us. I 100%would recommend Isabel and her services.

Funeral Celebrant testimonial
Christina Dinnie

Isabel led the service for both my auntie and my dad’s funeral in 2020. From the moment the family met Isabel we felt comfortable in her presence and were able to ensure all the wishes of my auntie and dad were considered. Throughout the process, Isabel maintained constant contact ensuring the services were what the family wished it to be and made sure everything was approved in plenty of time prior to the day. The services were each handled beautifully and very much a reflection of both my auntie and my dad. Thank you so much for everything you did Isabel.

Funeral Celebrant testimonial
Pamela Mellor

Our family lost my dad, husband & granda (Frank) in January 2021. I had to organise our goodbyes and I was put in touch with Isabel. Isabel met with my mum and I and it was instantly like she was a friend. We talked about my dad and laughed at a very sad time at the stories mum and I had to share. The eulogy that Isabel gave at the graveside was so true… true to who he was and we cannot thank her enough for helping us remember him with great fondness. Saying goodbye is so difficult but Isabel helped us so much… through the tears and the happy memories! For my first experience of having to organise everything for the passing of a loved one and remembering their life I cannot recommend Isabel highly enough. Thank you so much… Pamela, Monica, Graham, Ryan & Abbie

Funeral Celebrant testimonial
Gay Atherton

Isabel is a close friend of mine. When Mum died in January this year Isabel supported me as a friend and also in her role as Celebrant. The time Mum died was in the midst of Covid restrictions which had been hard for me not being able to visit her in the care home until she was nearing end of life. To help Izzie prepare Mum’s Eulogy she came to the house. We sat at the kitchen table looking at photos and I was able to talk about Mum and the happier times we had spend together. After this the order of the Funeral was put together, songs were chosen and as Mum loved poetry a few of those added. During the whole process Izzie was able to advise on what we were able to do and what to expect on the day. I’m sure Mum would approve of her Funeral it highlighted what a wonderful lady she was and Izzie told her life story perfectly. Being given a typed copy of the script and words to the songs sung presented in a personalised folder is lovely to be given afterwards. I wholeheartedly recommend Isabel she is extremely passionate about delivering a compassionate and professional service.

Funeral Celebrant testimonial
William Forrest

After the sad loss of my mother, we didn’t want someone who let’s say didn’t have the vest for life holding the service. I was put in touch with Isabel. She called us back right away to make an appointment to come see us. She arrived early & helped put us at ease during a very hard time. We decided to try to put across my mum’s fun & adventurous side. Isabel went away & within a few days, I got an email with the rough draft of the eulogy. It was as good as the family had hoped just a snapshot of mums life. The service was tastefully funny but respectful too. She did my mum & our family proud. Would recommend Isabel to anyone that wants a personal service for their loved ones.

Funeral Celebrant testimonial
Joyce Dunlop

I would like to share my heartfelt experience of the most beautiful service conducted by celebrant Isabel Addison at my brother David’s funeral on 31/01/22. Isabel was such great support and comfort to our whole family. At the service, she captured and delivered my brother’s spirit in such a loving and caring way that it felt like she had known him all of his life. We will never forget her and will always be indebted to the care and comfort she has shown us all during this difficult time. Thank you so much Isabel.

Legacy Celebrant

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