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Other Cermonies

Legacy Celebrant

Commitment Ceremony

This is just like a wedding but without the legal part for couples who want to pledge their commitment to each other with a formal celebration.

Legacy Celebrant

Rites of Passage

We can create a ceremony that reflects what you want and need. This includes the trinity of birth, life, death and all the rites of passage in-between.

Blessing ways (a unique and reverent alternative to a baby shower) are still carried out by indigenous cultures but in the Western World, we have lost this. Gather your tribe around you for a unique experience.

A menarche ceremony for girls who start menstruating. This is a rite of passage but instead of being celebrated, the patriarchal control made it into something shameful, to be hidden from sight. Again, this is celebrated by indigenous cultures around the world.

Stepping into the Wise Woman, or the Crone, is a celebration of menopause, supported by your tribe!

Legacy Celebrant

Other Naming Ceremonies

Have you just started your own business and would like to hold a formal naming ceremony for it as you open your doors? Ships have traditionally had naming ceremonies, so why not your business or even your new home!