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Ancient and bespoke rituals for all your occasions

Mark your celebration in the most meaningful way.

Also known as symbolic elements, rituals have been passed down through the ages by our ancestors. Rituals you can have in your ceremony involve a series of actions performed in a set order. All cultures have their own rituals, and many have been adopted throughout the world.

Rituals can be as traditional as exchanging wedding rings, walking down the aisle, carrying the coffin, or laying flowers on a coffin.

There are so many rituals that it would be impossible to cover them all, but here are a few popular ones…


What is handfasting? This is an ancient Scottish wedding ritual that involves the tying of hands together. It’s where the term “tying the knot” originated!

Unity Candle

When a couple each uses an individual candle to light a bigger unity candle, to symbolise two flames becoming one.

Sand Ritual

Mainly used in naming or adoption ceremonies, layers of sand are added to a bottle. Each colour of sand represents a person, an event, or a special time.

Oathing Stone

Placing your hand on an oathing stone as part of your vows. This is taken from the ancient Celtic custom of “setting an oath in stone”. We did this at our wedding, and it was a deeply moving moment!

Jumping the Besom

A Welsh pagan tradition where the couple jump over a broom. This ritual was created as Roma people’s marriages were not recognised by the church, so they would have “Besom weddings” instead.

Ring Blessing Ritual

The rings are passed around the congregation before your ceremony, giving each guest a few seconds to imbue your rings with blessings and prayers.

Legacy Celebrant

Create your Own Rituals with Legacy

When it comes to the rituals you can have in your ceremony, your only limit is your imagination! We can work together to create something new and meaningful for your occasion.

For example, if your loved one enjoyed a whisky or two, at the funeral a dram could be shared amongst the congregation to say a final farewell. In some cultures, the dram is poured into the ground in tribute!

The most important thing is that the ritual has meaning for you. Don’t include something as a gimmick or for effect.

When we work together, everything I do is to try and create precious memories for you, with the bespoke ceremony you wish for. Your rituals are no different.

So, let’s get creative with your rituals, and make your ceremony the one people are talking about for years to come!