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What is a Celebrant +

What is a Celebrant +? A Celebrant + has completed additional training with the Coffin Club.  Here, I learned how to broaden my practise to support families in a much more creative and comprehensive way. It allows families to have more control over the funeral service and break away from the traditional scripts and services. Empowering people to take control of their final send off!

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What is Coffin Club?

Coffin Club is a social franchise, an educational platform, a training organisation and an online resource.

Death isn’t the easiest subject to talk about but it’s something that is being increasingly discussed by people who want to take control of what happens towards the end of their life and after they have died. We tend to leave our funerals to those left behind, who often feel upset by their own uncertainty over what the person who has died would have wanted.

Don’t leave it till you’re dead – plan ahead!

Each Coffin Club around the country is where people can come together to plan their final farewell and even if they want to, decorate their own coffin.

So the answer to “What is a Celebrant + is….Empower yourself to sort out the end of your life so you can get on with living!

The coffin Club – Empowering people to take back control