b'LEGACY CELEBRANTNAMING CEREMONIESThe birth of a baby is always a reason to celebrate.I do not offer packages because I believe that If you dont want a traditional baptism, a babyeach ceremony should be as individual as the naming service could be your perfect fit.person it is for.Perhaps you do not connect with the name youMyceremoniesarealwaystailor-madewith weregivenatbirth,oryouhaveundergonethe input of the families.I can suggest and give gender reassignment and need to change yourexamples of rituals that may resonate with your name.values such as an anointing ritual.A renaming ceremony is the ideal way to sayA naming ceremony can be held in any venue, goodbyetoyouroldname,givethanksforindoors or outdoors at any time of day or night.the life you had before and step through the threshold of your new identity.ISABEL ADDISONWHY CHOOSE ME FOR YOUR NAMING CEREMONY?I place a lot of value on a namea name can bePlease get in touch with me Isabel Addison, for chosen or gifted and I believe that the ceremonythe moments that matter to you, you can rely should reflect the same thought, love and detailson me. that has gone into deciding on a name. Email: isabel@legacycelebrant.org.uk or callI will always research the origins of a name and07846 689884 / 013398 80984ifappropriatebringthisintotheceremony. www.legacycelebrant.org.uk'