b'LEGACY CELEBRANTOTHER CEREMONIESCommitment Ceremony Vow Renewal ThisisjustlikeaweddingbutwithouttheAnniversariesandmilestonesbringtimes legalpartforcoupleswhowanttopledgeofreflectionespeciallyifyourwedding their commitment to each other with a formalwasnt exactly what you wanted the first time celebration.around. Reignite the magic by reaffirming your commitment to one another!Rites of PassageWe can create a ceremony that reflects whatInterment or Scattering of Ashes you want and need.This includes the trinityIt can take time to be ready to inter or scatter of birth, life, death and all the rites of passagethe ashes when you lose a loved one, including a in-between. pet. It doesnt have to be right after the funeralit may be weeks, months, or even years later. Blessing ways (a unique and reverent alternativeThere is no timeline you need to stick tothe toababyshower)arestillcarriedoutbymost important thing is what is right for you.indigenous cultures but in the Western World, we have lost this.Gather your tribe around you for a unique experience.Memorial ServiceAmenarcheceremonyforgirlswhostartA memorial service can sit alongside a Direct menstruating.ThisisariteofpassagebutCremationorwheretherehasbeenabody insteadofbeingcelebrated,thepatriarchaldonation which is often the preferred choice. control made it into something shameful, to be hidden from sight.Again, this is celebrated by indigenous cultures around the world. Other Naming Ceremonies Stepping into the Wise Woman, or the Crone,Have you just started your own business and is a celebration of menopause, supported bywould like to hold a formal naming ceremony your tribe! foritasyouopenyourdoors?Shipshave traditionallyhadnamingceremonies,sowhy not your business or even your new home!For more information on any of the above services Email: isabel@legacycelebrant.org.uk or call 07846 689884 / 013398 80984 www.legacycelebrant.org.uk'