b'LEGACY CELEBRANTCOFFIN CLUBCoffin Club is a not for profit social franchise,Theclubsareheldbi-annually,overthree an educational platform, a training organisationweeks.You will learn what is legally required and an online resource. aftersomeonedies,debunkthemyths, misinformationandsometimesliesthat Deathisnttheeasiestsubjecttotalkaboutsurround the funerary business.butitssomethingthatisbeingincreasingly discussed by people who want to take control ofAt the end you will create your own wish list what happens towards the end of their life andgiving your loved ones peace of mind knowing after they have died.that your wishes have been met.WetendtoleaveourfuneralstothoseleftCoffin Club Aberdeenshire West is a registered behind,whooftenfeelupsetbytheirowncharity number SC051522.uncertainty over what the person who has died would have wanted.Email: CoffinClubAW@googlemail.com or call 07846 689884 / 013398 80984www.legacycelebrant.org.uk'