b'LEGACY CELEBRANTWHAT IS MYCEREMONY STYLE?IloveworkingwithpeoplewhoIhavearealloveofnaturesooutdoor wanttoremovethemselvesfromceremonies are perfect - but being in Scotland, the weather can be unpredictable. A Plan B is the shackles of convention.always a good idea!Being a Celebrant is more than a job for me. It I am trained as a Pagan celebrant and can bringis a passion and it feeds my soul. I take my job authenticritualsintoceremonies.Iamalsovery seriously, but dont worry - I am not stoic. aqualifiedShamanicandReikipractitioner.In fact, the more out there the better!Everythingweincludeinaceremonyis intentional and therefore it has meaningnotWorking with a Celebrant gives you the freedom as a gimmick for effect.to choose a time and place that is meaningful to you, without being constricted by house rules. I recently got married myself.It was a wedding festivalwhichmyhusbandandIplannedforThis applies to all ceremonies, from funerals to ourselves.Fromsourcingthesupplierstoweddings, baby-namings to memorials. getting our hands dirty preparing the garden and a fieldit was more of an education thanPlease get in touch with me Isabel Addison, for any celebrant training could provide!the moments that matter to you, you can rely on me.YOUR DAY YOUR WAY.Thisledtoanamazingdayandnightwith comments like the best wedding of the centuryEmail: isabel@legacycelebrant.org.uk or call including mine and can we do it again? I07846 689884 / 013398 80984want this for your ceremonies too.Most Dedicated Wedding Celebrant (Eastern Scotland) Isabel Addison Client Services Excellence Award 2022. www.legacycelebrant.org.uk'