b'LEGACY CELEBRANTLIVING FUNERALSLiving funerals are already common in SouthPre-purchasingcoffinsisbecomingmore Korea and Japan and are becoming more popularcommon and at your party, you can invite your in the UK. David Williamson, the Spiritual Careguests to take part in decorating it with you.Lead at St Leonards Hospice in York, is evenYoumaywishtoaddsymbolicelementsto planning to introduce living funerals as a serviceyour party, such as planting a memorial tree or to patients. creating a memory book.Many people use living funerals to give thanksIt is also an opportunity for you to give gifts fortheirlifeandcelebratehappytimeswithensuringthatthesegotothepeopleyou their loved ones.intended.You may even wish to include a Eulogy!It can also help your friends and family comeIfyouwishtohavealivingfuneral,wewill to terms with your terminal diagnosis and givework together to create a day that reflects your themthechancetohaveconversationstheywishesat a time and place that suits you.would otherwise miss out on.Email: isabel@legacycelebrant.org.uk or callIt is less formal than a funeral service would be,07846 689884 / 013398 80984more of a party than a wake, held in a location of your choice, on a day of your choosing and at a time you want.www.legacycelebrant.org.uk'