b'Your ceremony is in safe hands with Legacy. A truly exceptional Celebrant for all your familys Celebrations from Wedding Ceremonies to Celebrations of LifeABOUTHI IM ISABELCREATOR OF CEREMONIES FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.I have always been fascinated by peoples journeys through life.My goal is to always create a meaningful and memorable day From the paths they choose, to the U-turns they make and theThe magic happens from working closely with you to bring decisions they make along the way.All the events that createyour stories to life.the person they areand ultimately lead to the point where our paths cross.My own life led me to become a celebrant.My life as a Celebrant takes me all over the North East of Scotland and beyond. I live in the beautiful surroundings of I lost my son suddenly in 2019, and this lived experienced fuelsRoyal Deeside and I love the land around me.I love being my approach to all ceremonies and that is getting it right forin natureif Im not working, you are sure to find me in my you.Every ceremony is tailored to your personal needs. garden which is often a source of inspiration.'